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Strawberry and aronia wine

13.5 % alc./vol.

Warm and passionate, la Patronne nevertheless knows how to be dry when something does not suit her. This is a bit of what is found in this wine which combines the caramelized sweetness of strawberries with the tannins of chokeberry. A marriage between the strawberry, a fruit cultivated in Bellechasse for a long time and the chokeberry or black mouth, native fruit present in acidic environments and peat bogs.

This sweet berry wine has a frank and woody nose, for a wine of thirst that goes everywhere with a lingering finish of barley sugar.



SUGGESTIONS : Serve with mild cheeses or cold cuts, main course of white meat, pasta dish.
: Serve chilled between 6 and 8 °C as an aperitif. Serve between 14 and 16 °C to accompany the main course.
Guard | Storage : Ready to drink. Open, to consume immediately.
Sugar : 34 g/liter

Suggestions de service

Servir frais entre 6 et 8 °C à l'apéro. Servir entre 14 et 16 °C pour accompagner le plat principal. Accompagner des fromages doux ou charcuteries, plat principal de viande blanche, plat de pâtes.


Vin de fraises et aronias


Prêt à boire. Ouvert, à consommer sans tarder.


34 g/ litre