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Strawberry and Raspberry Wine

16 % alc./vol.

Some potions give strength, but our special blend is derived from the fermentation of Bellechasse’s strawberries and raspberries and it’s known to cause laughter and happiness. Only the Ricaneux knows the well-kept secret of the recipe inspired by his grandmother. But he revealed that the aperitif is characterized by a dry and fruity flavour which releases a delicate bouquet with a genuine aroma of fresh picked berries. An harmonious balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness.


SUGGESTIONS : Cocktails, for cooking (sauces, marinades), for deglazing, cocktails, poultry and sushi.
: Serve between 4 and 6 °C, with or without ice.
Conservation : Ready to drink. Once opened, it can be kept for at least 6 months. Aging capacity of at least 2 years.


Suggestions de service

Servir entre 4 et 6 °C, avec ou sans glace.
Frais sur glace, Allongé de bière, Cocktails, pour cuisiner (sauces, marinades), pour déglacer, volaille et sushis.


Fraise et framboise fermentées


Prêt à boire. Ouvert, il se conserve au moins 6 mois. Capacité de vieillissement d’au moins 2 ans.


40g / litre