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All our creams are gluten and sulfites free.

How to serve

Serve chilled (4-8°). Serve straight-up or on the rocks, as an apéritif or at the end of the meal. Kir, 1 part alcoholic beverage, 4 parts dry white wine, light cider, dry mead, or champagne. Trickle over chocolate desserts, fruit salad, ice cream or other delicacies. Add to sauces to enhance the taste of fish, poultry or white meat.

(JPG)Crème de fraise et sureau blanc
Our cream of elderberry combines coffee and chocolate aromas that burst in your mouth leaving a full-bodied, persistent aftertaste.

20% alcohol - 375 ml. - Price : 19 $

(JPG)Crème de pimbina

Small crimson fruits that are harvested after early frosts; their taste is unique and beyond compare.

20% alcohol - 200 ml. - Price : 18 $

(JPG)Crème de fraise & menthe

The nose is fruity! In the mouth, a taste of fresh sweet strawberry jam with a fresh lengthy finale.
20% alcohol - 200 ml. - Price : 13,50 $

(JPG)Crème de baies d'amélanchier

The pear taste of this fruit gives way to an intense almond perfume cleverly combined to the taste of maple syrup –
a must in our region.
20% alcohol -200 ml. - Price : 19,50 $