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Une passion pour les petits fruits

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(JPG)Le Ricaneux apéritif
This assembly of raspberry and strawberry wines was inspired by fruit alcohols concocted by our grandmothers. Its dry fruity taste releases a delicate bouquet of clean aromas of wild berries.

Serve chilled (4-6°C), with or without ice, or with beer, wine, cider, mead, champagne or fruit juice.
16,5% alcohol - 750 ml. - Price : 15 $ No sulfites

(JPG)Le Rosé Mousseux
The soft pink color conceals harmonious fruit aromas. The mouth is dry, light, fruity and well-balanced.

Serve chilled at [4-6°C]; light, dry, and fruity, this sparkling rosé adds a light fresh taste to sandwiches, desserts, and to veal and poultry dishes – a perfect complement to all your brunches.
12% alcohol - 750 ml. - Price : 17 $
12% alcohol - 375 ml. - Price : 10 $

A fortified wine created from wild berries found along portage trails. First, smell the red fruits, and then taste the light woody notes; the finale, round and flexible, is enhanced by the distinctive perfume of maple syrup.

Serve chilled, as an apéritif or to accompany strong cheeses, blue cheese or serve at dessert time with dark chocolate.

20% alcohol - 750 ml. - Price : 27 $

(JPG)Ricaneux vieille cuvée
Il s’agit du même assemblage de vins de framboises et de vins de fraises que notre RICANEUX apéritif mais ici, le temps a fait sont œuvre. La madérisation a adoucit la caractère vif et fruité de l’assemblage original, laissant toute la place aux arômes plus subtils des petits fruits. Il a un petit quelque chose du sherry.

À aprécier frais [8-12°C], avec ou sans glace.
En cuisine : pour déglacer, en base de marinade ou sauce pour gibier, volaille et porc.
16,5% alcohol - 750 ml. - Price : 23 $ No sulfites

All our digestives are gluten and sulfite free

How to serve

Serve chilled (4-8°). Serve straight-up or on the rocks, as an apéritif or at the end of the meal. Kir, 1 part alcoholic beverage, 4 parts dry white wine, light cider, dry mead, or champagne. Trickle over chocolate desserts, fruit salad, ice cream or other delicacies. Add to sauces to enhance the taste of fish, poultry or white meat.

(JPG)Crème de sureau blanc
Elderberries provide a strong crimson pigment; the persistent mocha flavor lingers on the palate ending in a lengthy strawberry aftertaste; guaranteed to highlight the end of your meal.
20% alcohol - 375 ml. - Price : 19 $

(JPG)Crème de framboise
A combination of the best varieties of raspberries from Bellechasse; an exciting discovery!
20% alcohol - 375 ml. - Price : 19 $

(JPG)Crème de casseille
The jostaberry is a crossbreeding between the gooseberry and the black currant: This hybrid provides plump black berries with the characteristic tangy taste of the gooseberry but with a milder hint.

Serve straight-up, chilled or on the rocks.
20% alcohol -375 ml. - Price : 19 $


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